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23. April Celebrations

2017 Yılı 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı etkinliğimiz.

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Week for Domestic Goods

Yerli malı haftası etkinlinliklerinde Anadolu Kimya firması ziyaretimiz.

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Music, dancing, visual arts, sports, foreign languages, chess courses and activitiies

Foreign Language

A lovely English Program, prepared by a perfect skilled English Teacher of our education center, has the scope to let our students gain a sympathy for the English Language...

Musical Education

Musical activities with various musical instruments, likewise orff instruments, piano and many more from our musical workshop...


Dancing is a good way for the self-expression of a child. It will be also very helpful for the self-confidence, emotional development and physical development of our students...

Visual Arts

Visual arts target to reveal the artistic talents and capaciities of our students, by giving them the oppurtunity to express themselves absolute freely on the stage.

Sportive Activities

Sportive activities are very ideal for body flexibility and condition of our students. There are several special programs for this oppurtunity inside of our sportive activities.

Drama Theatre

Drama theatre in our education-programm develops the talents of our students for improvisation, artistic performances and capabilities of acting in a group...




Chess develops the one step ahead thinking and creativity of a child. During the game, we can recognize easily, that the child is always in a brainstorming process. Chess also develops the attention of the child very positively.